Project Description

Project Description

Documentary Film [Fury Dance]

Project Description

Tags : Documentary, Movie

[바람의 춤꾼]  

2017년 6월 극장 개봉

출연 : 이삼헌, 변우균, 배종옥
감독 : 최상진
제작.배급.제공 : 강 컨텐츠

흑백TV에서 방송되는 ‘백조의 호수’를 보고 발레리노를 꿈꾸게 된 소년, 이삼헌.
그러나 새처럼 자유롭게 비상하고 싶었던 소년의 꿈은 1980년 광주학살로 날개가 꺾이게 된다.
촉망받던 발레리노에서 시위현장에서 춤을 추는 거리의 춤꾼이 된 이삼헌.
발레리노를 꿈꿨던 소년이 거리의 춤꾼이 되어 현대사의 파고를 넘나드는 ‘바람의 춤꾼’은 질곡많은 한국 현대사를 힘겹게 살아내고 있는 대한민국 국민들에 대한 헌무(獻舞)이자 결코 놓을 수 없는 자유에 대한 갈망이다.

[Dances with the Wind]

Movie release : 6 June, 2017

Performer : LEE Sam-hun, BYEON Woo-gyoon, BAE Jong-ok
Director : CHOI Sang-jin
Production/Distribution/Present : KANG CONTENTS                                                  

There was an Asian boy who dreamt of being a ballerino. But what made him give up the balle shoes and dance barefoot on the street?

‘Dances with the Wind’ is a story about a Korean protest dancer, LEE Sam-hun. He fought for the democratization of South Korea in the ‘80’s through dance, while giving up his own dream to become a ballerino. The film takes the viewer through prominent events in South Korean history, as Sam-hun dances to soothe the souls of victims who were killed by the Korean national violence during the past 30 years. During the 1980 Gwangju Massacre however, Sam-hun developed a panic disorder. So he crosses through the Eurasian rail with difficulty when invited to attend a festival to dance in France. Through his journey, he attempts to overcome his claustrophobic fears in France, revisits his lost dream of becoming a ballerino in Russia, and dances for the Holocaust victims in Poland. Documented for 15 years, this film is dedicated to those who lost their noble lives while fighting for freedom against the unjust political power.